Vitamins by Dr. Matez

At the Boca Raton Center for Age Management we recently began an effort to make widespread the vitamins that will help keep a person healthy and vibrant in old age. We began this effort after realizing that there were a number of misconceptions and plain wrong facts out there about the vitamins we should be taking and are not. We seized the opportunity to begin development oboca raton center for age management vitamins by dr matezn the highest quality vitamins available to us. The result of this effort was astounding. Finally, we had high quality vitamins where quality was not compromised to satisfy competitive markets. These vitamins by Dr. Matez are available for sale exclusively through our Boca Raton Center for Age Management office located on Glades road in Boca Raton.

A Wide Variety of Vitamins

Our wide variety of vitamins includes formulas specially mixed for men and women. We also have a B-complex, Co-Q10-100, Omega-D vitamins as well for additional supplementation to your specific needs. In addition to these we also have a Hair Repair vitamin that will aid in hair regrowth for men and women. Finally, we have our DIM vitamin, this special vitamin was made for our hormone therapy patients. This spectacular vitamin aids in weight management when introduced hormones can change your bodies hormone chemistry at first.


For More Information call: 561-953-5490

If you would like to know more about a specific vitamin feel free to contact our office at: 561-953-5490 and we would be happy to explain to you the benefits and uses in greater detail. Don’t let old age slow you down or keep you from enjoying the life you’ve built for yourself. Your older years should be the best of your life as you get the once in a lifetime opportunity to sit back and enjoy the things you’ve accomplished during your life whether they be in the form of money, children, intellectual, or creative things. Let Dr. Matez and his team of caring nurses aid you in lifting your spirits and getting you back on your feet.

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