FAQ Telomeres

Telomeres are the “cap” ends of our DNA. They are the protective coating that protects the chromosomes that make up our DNA.

Telomerase is the enzyme that activates telomeres. Telomere activation yields longer, healthier Telomeres. In 2009 Elizabeth Blackburn and her colleagues were awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering this key enzyme.

Telomeres are widely recognized in scientific circles as being the markers of biologic aging. Simply put the shorter your Telomeres get the “older” your cells are. As Telomeres shorten cellular health declines. Cells begin to divide less and ultimately die when Telomeres reach a critical shortening. Some of these cells will become “senescent” meaning they have essentially died (ceased dividing). Senescent cells can give off toxins and other materials that create many maladies in the human body.

Cells have a finite life span. Each time a cell divides the Telomere becomes shorter. Outside negative influences such as environmental toxins, alcohol, smoking, drugs, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and many others can hasten Telomere shortening thus leading to accelerated or premature cell death.

Yes. Currently sophisticated testing is available that can measure the average length of your Telomeres as well as the percentages of your critically shortened Telomeres. Our anti-aging center in Boca Raton can test telomere length for you. This test can be repeated at appropriate intervals to assure efficacy of treatment. Testing of the immune system is also available and an excellent way to show benefit of treatment.

YES! TA-65MD® is a Telomerase activator that has been proven in both animal and human studies to lengthen Telomeres. TA-65MD® is the ONLY product commercially available that has documented effectiveness in human trials. Taking TA-65MD® will lengthen telomeres and improve immunity.

TA-65MD® is a Telomerase activator. Activating the enzyme Telomerase allows the Telomeres to repair and lengthen.

IS TA-65MD® Right For Me?

TA-65MD® is a patented, natural compound which can assist in maintaining or rebuilding telomeres.  Telomeres diminish as people get older. The Boca Raton Center For Age Management – Advanced Anti-Aging Treatments utilizes TA-65MD®  to help you look and feel younger. Give us a call today at 561-953-5490. We evaluate each patient based on individual needs for Telomere Therapy at our Boca Raton location.  
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