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Reversing Menopause

JC is a 46 year old woman who began feeling “run down” over the last few years. She noted a dramatic decrease in her energy, a declining libido (sex drive), and diminished strength. Her sleeping patterns had become erratic. She would frequently awaken at night and struggle to get back to sleep. Irritability and mood swings, which were rare for her in the past, were becoming the norm. JC also complained of thinning hair, dry skin, and an absence of vaginal moisture. She was having occasional hot flashes and severe night sweats. This constellation of symptoms was making her feel rather depressed.

JC’s menstrual cycle had recently become somewhat erratic. She had a few “skipped” periods over the
past year and once had two within seventeen days. It had now been four months since her last period.

JC discussed these issues with her Family Physician at her yearly check-up. He correctly diagnosed her as “going through the change” and suggested she see her Gynecologist. The Gynecologist did a blood test and confirmed everyone’s suspicions. JC was in MENOPAUSE!

Immediately JC questioned her doctor as to “what could be done about all of this”. The doctor explained that what JC was experiencing was “normal” and joked with her that they “weren’t getting any younger”. She said that they could use some medications to help control some of the symptoms like hot flashes but only for the shortest possible time as recent research has suggested some serious side effects of these medications. She also offered JC an anti-depressant to help with irritability, mood swings and depression. Neither of these appealed to JC and she left feeling even more despair.

JC, not being one to give up, decided to do some research on her own. She quickly learned that there were ALTERNATIVES! A close friend of hers and patient of mine encouraged her to come and see me.

When JC first came to see me she already knew that her problems were due to Menopause. I explained to her that we have a very simple goal of therapy to alleviate ALL of her symptoms – reverse the Menopause. Menopause is caused by a decrease or cessation of hormone production by the ovaries and other glands in the body. It can be reversed simply and easily by administering exact molecular copies (some call these “Bioidentical) of the hormones that are deficient thereby restoring healthy, youthful levels. These hormones are exact duplicates of human hormone. This is in stark contrast to the chemically altered and animal derived hormones that are produced by the pharmaceutical industry and used routinely in mainstream medicine today.

JC was also pleased to find out that in addition to alleviating her symptoms there were many intangible benefits of the therapy including (but not limited to) protecting her heart, maintaining healthy cognition, and promoting healthy bone deposition thereby drastically reducing (and Reversing!) osteoporosis.

JC asked me if this was the same “Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy” that she had just seen on Oprah. The answer was yes. No matter what label you use for the treatment the overriding concept is that the administered hormone is an exact and identical molecular copy of human hormone. There are very few side effects and they are always transient.

After a lengthy discussion of the risks, benefits, and alternatives and a thorough review of her blood work JC was offered two options for treatment. Hormone Crèmes that she would rub into her skin twice daily or Hormone Pellets that we would implant under her skin with a quick painless procedure that would slowly dissolve over a period of 4-6 months. JC chose the latter. Her pellets were placed in less than 5 minutes in the office and she returned to work immediately.

A month later JC had a follow up blood panel drawn and came for her first follow-up visit. Her blood work suggested that the therapy was successful in reversing her Menopause. When I asked her how she felt she replied, “Thank you, I have my life back”. She had resumed sleeping through the night and had significantly better energy. Her hot flashes and night sweats were gone and mood swings and irritability were almost non existent. Libido had returned full force. She asked me if this therapy would help men such as her husband also. The answer is emphatically YES! Men experience the exact same problems as they age. It is called Andropause and it is synonymous with Menopause in women.

If you are experiencing these or any symptoms associated with Aging or Menopause/Andropause (please see our website for a more complete “Symptom Checklist”) please come and see us at Boca Raton Center for Age Management. You too can feel just as good as you did when you were young!

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