Response To WebMD “How Do You Know When Levels Are Too Low?”

by / Tuesday, 13 January 2015 / Published in Blog
Bio identical hormone therapy in wellington

Original Article:

Another good article with some minor inaccuracies.

The author suggests that “Pellets” are a relatively new method of hormone delivery. In actuality ALL hormone therapy started with pellets in 1935. It was the first method used and remains the clearly superior method today.

It is suggested in this article that Testosterone replacement increases the risk of prostate growth. Ludicrous. Men’s prostates enlarge as they age while testosterone is diminishing and estrogen is increasing. My decade of clinical experience tells me that this is far from accurate. Rebalancing testosterone and estrogen to youthful levels arrests prostate growth uniformly. Our clients have very low rates of prostate issues including cancer versus the general population.

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