Response to “FDA warns about testosterone for “Low T”

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This blog is in response to: article “FDA warns about testosterone for ‘Low T'”

More FDA Nonsense – I will not be changing my own therapy!

After decades of positive literature extolling the benefits of Testosterone replacement in men two poorly designed, poorly implemented and generally irrelevant studies done on elderly, ill men were published prompting a product liability windfall for trial lawyers and a public hysteria (media driven).

This then prompted the FDA to embark on what they describe as a $50 million study of 788 men (a rather paltry number vs their claim that 3% of the male population over 40 is currently on the therapy).

The current controversy is based on the potential for Testosterone Replacement to increase the risks of stroke and heart attack. There are dozens of published articles in the medical literature spanning many decades extolling the cardiac BENEFITS of Testosterone replacement.

If Testosterone replacement is done PROPERLY this risk is minimized or eliminated. In the 12 years that I have been prescribing Testosterone on a daily basis I can count on one hand the number of cardiac events I have seen in my patient population. To the best of my knowledge there have been no strokes.

Simple common sense suggests that if elevated Testosterone levels caused strokes or heart attacks they would be prevalent in young men when in fact they are quite rare. The medical literature to date has shown a clear inverse relationship between testosterone level and mortality in men.

It is the failure to recognize or understand the physiologic changes that are possible as a result of Testosterone replacement that yields the increased potential for such significant issues. Elevated levels of Estrogen and Hemoglobin (red blood cells) are well known potential side effects of Testosterone replacement and in combination or alone could potentially increase the risk of stroke or heart attack. However with proper monitoring and treatment these side effects are eliminated in virtually every single man. If the FDA’s conclusion was that Testosterone replacement without proper monitoring and follow-up increases the risk then I would be in full agreement with them. If they are suggesting that Testosterone, a molecule present in every single human beings’ body from birth till death since the beginning of time,  in and of itself cause strokes or heart attacks, I LOL.

I will continue to replace my Testosterone.

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