Response to “Know Your Hormones” Article

by / Tuesday, 13 January 2015 / Published in Blog, HRT

Original Article:

A lot of good stuff in here and for the most part accurate. The major issue I have with this piece is the symptom or potential “side effects list”. The suggestion is that these symptoms are side effects of the individual hormones. They are not! They are signs of imbalance between the hormones.

The best and most glaring example of this is the suggestion that Estrogen causes excess fat accumulation. If this were true EVERY single woman in their teens or twenties would be morbidly obese. Women begin to build excess fat as their Estrogen levels DECLINE. It is the imbalance between the hormones (Estrogen, Testosterone, and Progesterone) that causes increased fat deposition.

If you gain weight as a result of HRT then you are NOT balanced properly. When in proper balance our patients lose fat and gain muscle if they are eating and exercising appropriately!!

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