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Bio Identical Hormones Boca Raton

WebMD article: 

Prior to the release of the results of the WHI (Women’s Health Initiative) study in 2002 it was widely accepted that hormone replacement was essential for women as they age in order to protect their bones, their hearts and their brains. This concept was based on the science of how the body actually works as these hormones (in their natural form) are responsible for these actions in the human body.Bio Identical Hormones Boca Raton

Dr. Rossouw’s opinion is based on the results of the WHI. The WHI studied over 25,000 women ALL who were given either CEE (Conjugated Equine Estrogens – also known as horse estrogen) or a CEE combined with a synthetic chemical Progestin (substitute for Progesterone). Not one single woman in the study received Estradiol or Progesterone which are the naturally occurring hormones in the female human body.

It should be of no surprise to anyone that pumping women full of animal estrogens and synthetic chemicals could have some potentially serious consequences. To extrapolate and say that if these agents cause these problems then all do, including the naturally occurring ones that belong in the body, is ludicrous and without merit.

The risks described in this article are the result of consuming animal hormones and synthetic progestins ORALLY (by mouth). Bio-identical hormones delivered directly into the bloodstream via pellet or skin crèmes do not carry the same risks. There is plenty of literature to support this contrary to this article.

A prime example would be the Tutera study from 2009 which showed dramatically lowered cancer rates of women on Bio-identical pellets.

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