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Hormone Replacement Therapy Boca Raton, Florida


hormone replacement therapy boca raton



The cornerstone of any good age management program is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). The signs and symptoms of the ageing process mirror those of hormone deficiency and imbalance. Appropriate replacement and balancing can alleviate all of these symptoms.

At BRC4AM HRT is accomplished with only molecularly identical human hormone (commonly known as “bio-identical” hormone). Any hormone that we prescribe will be an exact molecular copy of what is already inside your body. We do not use animal derived hormones or chemical versions of hormones that are invented by humans.

Once the process of replacing and rebalancing hormones is completed our clients report dramatic improvements in quality of life including (but not limited to) increased muscle tone, weight loss, libido, energy, clarity and motivation. Healthier hair, skin, nails and sleep patterns are the norm. In fact ALL of the symptoms listed in our Symptom Profile are addressed with HRT.

While we offer a number of HRT modalities, our staff has the greatest wealth of Pellet Therapy experience in South Florida. Dr Matez was the first physician in the region to offer HRT via Pellet Therapy and has performed thousands of pellet insertions over the last decade.

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hormone replacement therapy boca raton

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Hormone Replacement Boca Raton, Florida

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