Frequently Asked Questions

A Bioidentical Hormone is a hormone that has the exact same molecular or chemical structure than that of a human hormone.

The more traditional hormones used are either animal (horse) derived hormones or chemically altered versions of human hormone. These are intentionally produced to be DIFFERENT than human hormone so that the manufacturer can obtain a patent. These hormones are not recognized properly by the human body since it is specifically designed for human hormone.

There are two methods used at BRC4AM. The best method of hormone replacement by far is hormone “pellets” that are placed under the skin via a painless, simple office procedure. These pellets slowly dissolve yielding steady, healthy hormone levels for up to 6 months at a time. The second option is crème’s or gels that are rubbed into and are absorbed through the skin twice daily.

Hormone pellets are tiny (smaller than a rice grain) cylindrical shaped hormone preparations that contain 100% hormone. Each pellet is hand made by a compounding pharmacy.

Hormone pellets are the only method that produces a high, consistent and very steady level of hormone delivery over an extended period of times. Other methods will produce an “up and down” or “roller coaster” effect of hormone delivery. This is why pellets are the superior method.

The side effects of Hormone Therapy are generally mild if any and are ALWAYS transient. There are no long term or permanent side effects. The physician will discuss any potential side effects with you thoroughly at your initial consultation.

That will be variable on a patient to patient basis. Most people will begin to see improvement within the first 2-3 weeks for women and 4-6 weeks for men. Responses are very variable and individualized. While some will get complete relief of their symptoms rapidly others will have to be persistent and go through periods of adjustment to reach the end goals.

In the beginning we will be reevaluating you frequently, likely every 3-6 weeks until we reach the appropriate goals. Some of this may be done via telephone consultation. Once stabilized and successful follow ups are done in the 4-6 month range generally.

In general there is very little interaction between hormones and most commonly prescribed drugs. There are also very few health problems that might preclude one from treatment. The physician will thoroughly review your medical history with you at the time of your initial visit and tailor your treatment appropriately.

Bioidentical hormones DO NOT CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN!! Replacing your dwindling hormones will return the body to its anabolic abilities that you had when you were younger. Once this is accomplished healthy diet and exercise programs will induce steady, healthy weight loss.

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