Dr. Mitchell Matez

Dr. Mitchell Matez Hormone Replacement Therapist – Anti-Aging Specialist Boca Raton, Florida


BRC4AM was founded by Mitchell F Matez DO. Dr Mitchell Matez brings over a decade of experience in Age Management and Alternative Medicine with him.

dr_matez-2A 1986 graduate of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr Matez is a Board Certified General Surgeon. He is a former chairman of the Dept. of Surgery at Southern Ocean County Hospital in Manahawkin, NJ and holds numerous professional affiliations and certifications.

Since retiring from Surgery in 2001 Dr Mitchell Matez has devoted his professional life to Age Management. He is a firm believer that the “quality of life” is an essential component to any discussion of longevity. To that end he brings a level of experience to BRC4AM that is unparalleled in the region.

In 2005 Dr Matez introduced Pellet Therapy to South Florida. This revolutionized Hormone Therapy in the region. Thousands of people have regained their quality of life through these tiny, but amazing hormone pellets. Today there a literally dozens of practitioners of pellet therapy in the area.

Dr Mitchell Matez is a father to two teenage children. He is a sports fanatic. His pursuits include Skiing and Golf. He is not only the doctor, he is also a patient. He has been receiving the same therapies he recommends to his clients for a decade.

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