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Original Article: Another good article with some minor inaccuracies. The author suggests that “Pellets” are a relatively new method of hormone delivery. In actuality ALL hormone therapy started with pellets in 1935. It was the first method used and remains the clearly superior method today. It is suggested in this article that Testosterone replacement

Original Article: A lot of good stuff in here and for the most part accurate. The major issue I have with this piece is the symptom or potential “side effects list”. The suggestion is that these symptoms are side effects of the individual hormones. They are not! They are signs of imbalance between the hormones.


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Reversing Menopause

JC is a 46 year old woman who began feeling “run down” over the last few years. She noted a dramatic decrease in her energy, a declining libido (sex drive), and diminished strength. Her sleeping patterns had become erratic. She would frequently awaken at night and struggle to get back to sleep. Irritability and mood

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Anti-aging Treatments Boca Raton Top 10 skin care tips Healthy skin is really one of the most important ingredients for beauty-enhancement. This article on skin care tips is an effort to bring the 10 best skin care tips to you.  The list of skin care tips has been restricted to 10 because anything more that


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