Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in West Palm Beach

Bio identical hormone therapy in West Palm BeachThe core idea behind the aging process is that hormone imbalance drives your symptoms. Low and insufficient hormones levels of Testosterone or Estrogen cause you to feel tired, this prevents you from exercising and being active in general, which alone can cause a cascade of other symptoms besides the symptoms already present from your hormone imbalance. If you feel generally unwell, tired, in pain, or any other specific health problem that can be attributed to aging, then bioidentical hormones replacement therapy may be your best option in the quest to revitalize your quality of life in old age. Dr. Matez provides bioidentical hormone therapy in West Palm Beach and all of South Florida.

Effective Techniques in Hormone Therapy, Treating All of West Palm Beach

Dr. Matez has over a decade of experience in treating aging patients with hormones in West Palm Beach to restore their youthful vigor. Dr. Matez takes care to use the most efficient and safe methods of hormone delivery including hormones pellet therapy which has proven both safer and more effective than tradition injection methods. No matter where you live in South Florida, you can visit Dr. Matez at his office in East Boca Raton and receive treatment.

Hormone Pellet TherapyBio identical hormone therapy in west palm beach

One of the advanced techniques Dr. Matez uses is hormone pellet therapy. This technique involves implanting small oval shaped pellets under your skin. These pellets are composed of pure bioidentical hormones and release steadily and slowly into your blood stream over a period of three to six months. This slow release ensures your body maintains constant hormone levels allowing your body to adjust. The three to six months of timed delivery means your hormone therapy appointments can be scheduled to ensure convenience on your part.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy replicates the exact molecular structure of your natural human hormones in order to maximize absorption and bodily safety. In the past hormones therapy techniques used man made hormones that did not have this key feature, this compromised the patients hormone absorption and safety. Bioidentical hormone therapy in West Palm Beach and all over South Florida by Dr. Matez is the safest and most effective method in combating the signs and symptoms of aging.

Bio identical hormone therapy in west palm beach

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy West Palm Beach

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